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The '80s were a decade where films like "Valley Girl," "Fast Times At Ridgemont High," and "Heathers" produced iconic slang terms and firmly put the lingo into society's rhetoric. Even stuffy politicians were using terms like awesome and radical. Some of these terms can transcend a generation or decade and maintain stature in modern day language..

Synonyms of "Decade" as a noun (14 Words) Usage Examples of "Decade" as a noun Associations of "Decade" (30 Words) The synonyms of "Decade" are: 10, ten, tenner, x, decennary, decennium, age, time, period, era, epoch, century, year, stage Decade as a Noun Definitions of "Decade" as a noun.

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considering. due to the fact that. given that. on the grounds that. seeing as. reason being. for that. in as much as. inasmuch as.

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While the 0's or 00's never gained traction as decade names, there's another number word that aptly characterizes the decade, 9/11. The 9/11 terrorist attacks brought us first responders, let's roll, homeland security, invisible weapons of mass destruction, and threat levels keyed to the colors of the rainbow.